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#Experience Victoria Gann's life-changing books and classes God has given her through His Son by His Holy Spirit and Word of Truth. Invite her to speak at your event and experience a Spiritual changing event!

Let's learn and grow from #Pure

#Spiritual #Eternal #Truth! 

Nothing added and nothing Subtracted From Our Heavenly Father, His Son, and Holy Spirit and Word of Truth.

It is time for God's Truth

to overcome thousands of years of  spiritual 


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#Pure Faithful Grace Filled Wisdom!

#Nothing added, and nothing subtracted!

Come learn how to pour out what Christ, through His Holy Spirit, pours in all who love Him!

One Drop of love from Jesus last for eternity when we focus on #Our Heavenly Father and His Holy Spirit of Truth #above ourselves, places, people, and things!  

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Love4Love Ministry

718 Withrow Road

Forest City, North Carolina 28043

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