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A Short Miraculous Story
How Victoria Became a Writer and Author of Books

Through all the life-changing relationships I met through my service ministry, another idea was born in 2011. God gave me a huge desire to write down all I was learning through His Word, and use my own life experiences as a witness of whom I was learning from, not from me or others, but from Him, my Heavenly Father, His Son, Jesus the Christ, and His Holy Spirit as One, and no other spiritual voice.   I only followed others that were confirming His Holy Spirit and Wisdom of Truth they were teaching the world as One. He then asked through His Spirit, to share an article He gave me to write with the public.

I debated with our Lord's Holy Spirit in tears for days, thinking I was not qualified to do what His Holy Spirit was leading me to do. The writing He wanted me to take to my small town newspaper, The Newnan Times Herald, had no submission guidelines, numerous misspelled words, wrong grammar usage, and was handwritten on a spiral notebook paper due to my lack of typing skills! I thought God had lost His mind wanting me to share my writing with the public! As if I could show how God was losing any part of His mind! I set outside in the parking lot for 30 minutes contemplating whether to go in.


My Heavenly Father and I agreed in prayer before I left the car. I told him that when this article was thrown into the trash, he had to leave me alone and never ask me to share what I wrote with the public in any way in my future here on earth. His answer came to my mind as a question, "What if it is published? What will you do then?" He often forms his answers as a question. I told Him I would write for Him as often as He gave me something to write about for the rest of my life as long as I am physically able, not thinking it would ever be published. Kind of like telling my  Mom and Daddy when I was young that I would clean my room every day if they took me to Disney World, but never really thinking they would.  I also knew I didn't like the self-discipline it would take for me to clean my room every day. I never saw myself being someone who would write a grocery list every time I went to the grocery store, much less seeing myself write books, articles, devotionals, Bible studies, and poems. Many people tell me that if you can't see yourself doing it, don't. Well, this was a perfect time I did not see myself doing anything God was giving me to do. At the same time, I knew if I did not take this raggedy piece of spiral notebook paper to the newspaper's office, my mind would never be empty of it. With eyes red and swollen from crying, I marched into the News Paper's office, laid it on the counter, and then said to the receptionist, "God wanted me to give this to you." I never looked her in the eye, turned quickly around, and walked out as quickly as I walked in. When I was outside, I took a deep breath and said aloud, "Thank God that's over!"


A few weeks later, I got a phone call from the Newnan times Herald saying my article would be published in the editor's column  Saturday before Easter. At first I thought someone was joking, and I remembered I had never told anyone what I did. I said, "Thank you," hung up the phone, and left the thoughts about the article behind me. I did not want to go down that road again. Then came Saturday before Easter, and those nagging thoughts found a crack in my mind and weaved their way back in. I went to the convenience store and bought a paper, thinking I would end this nagging and troublesome thought one way or another. I did not even know what an Editor's column was.


I was clueless about professional journalism, reading, and writing. I was 49 and knew nothing about writing, submissions, journalism,  literature, spelling, or grammar. I thumbed through the paper two times before I saw the words "Editors Column" in big bold black letters. I saw an article, but it had a title, and mine did not have a title. It read "God's Wish For Us All." Well, I thought to myself, this person must know something I do not know. What does God wish for us all?  Then I read the first few words, and they were my words! How could this be, I thought. Tears were welling up in my eyes.  I quickly looked at the bottom of the article, and my name was in black print! I could not believe it! I began crying so hard I  whaled and had to cover my mouth with my hands so the other people in the convenience store parking lot would not rush to my rescue. The editor gave it the title!  They fixed it and polished it to be the article it was meant to be! What an amazing God we have, and how He works through people! He​ truly does equip us for all He gives us to do, even when we think He is crazy and we can't see ourselves do them. 


Now I know that believing in God giving what we need to be whom He says we are is greater and more clear than our own eyes and what we see ourselves becoming.  HE NEVER STOPS GIVING US WHAT WE NEED TO BE WHO HE SEES AND SAYS WE ARE!


Since that day in 2010, I have written all He has poured into me, and I am still waiting to see what He does with all and will do with the rest He teaches me each day for others.  He has done many miracles through what I have written, and I know more is still ahead. My teaching classes and speaking engagements came after like the wind blows the river forever forward, and lighting never stops igniting. The words He gives me to speak and teach are not any different than the ones He gives me to live through and write, and it is up to me and all of us to pour out what our Heavenly Father, His Son, and Holy Spirit pour in!🙏🧡🙂

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Their Title, ABOUT THEM
and Why Victoria Wrote Them




Victoria's first book, A Spiritual Battle 
Between Two Bloodlines, and the True Victor, met the world in all formats March 13, 2023. It reveals Victoria's transformational spiritual journey through all the spiritual battles she faced from birth in her natural bloodline to her eternal Holy Spiritual Bloodline and who the True Victor is! It is a life changing true story for all people.  It also reveals how her Heavenly Father, His Son, the Christ, and Their Holy Spirit of Truth opposes human manufactured religion and how  Their Holy Spirit exposes it. 

The reason Victoria wrote this book is the reason she writes all of her books, so others can know the truth about our eternal Heavenly Father, His Son and Holy Spirit of Truth so many more will reach out to them and Spiritually find them!

 There are more books coming!

Apologetics, book of poems, a unique devotional, and more true spiritual adventures about my life our Heavenly Father, His Son, and Spirit of Truth has given me! Keep in touch so you will not miss their arrival!

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